Defending against a computer crime charge is much more complicated than a simple theft or assault. It requires enough knowledge of computer technology as well as the evidentiary issues involved with computer cases, which not every attorney has. When charged with an Internet/computer crime, the most important consideration you will need to address is finding an attorney who has significant experience handling this type of matter.

At Leonard, Hammond, Thoma & Terrill, P.C., in Fort Wayne, Indiana, our law firm has more than 60 years of experience representing local clients in a wide range of criminal charges. Our defense attorneys have a wealth of experience defending clients against all types of white collar crimes, including computer-based crimes.

Internet and Computer Crimes

There are many different types of computer crimes, and almost all of them involve the Internet. The majority of white collar crimes involve or require a computer in their commission. Our defense attorneys handle computer crime cases involving:

  • Hacking and piracy: Hacking and piracy involve accessing another system or network without authorization. These crimes usually involve breaking through the passwords and firewalls created by companies or individuals and leaving viruses, stealing funds or compromising sensitive information.
  • Fraud and most other white collar crimes: Although they are not always charged as computer crimes, most forms of fraud and other white collar crime require the use of a computer at some point.
  • Identity theft: By accessing detailed security information, it is possible to go into someone’s online bank accounts, email and other private online resources, change that person’s information and take over his or her identity.
  • Cyber bullying and assault: The law can view making serious threats against someone using the Internet as bullying or assault.
  • Sex crimes: The computer is used in a number of sex crimes, including solicitation, child pornography, cyber-stalking and related crimes.

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