Probation gives people the opportunity to move forward with their lives after a criminal charge. However, the parameters under which people must live can be strict, and failing to meet the criteria can be a nightmare. When a probation or parole officer issues a violation, you may face months or years in jail or prison. Thankfully, an experienced Fort Wayne attorney can help identify alternatives for probation violation. In many cases, those alternatives are not options without the work of an experienced attorney at your side. At the law office of Leonard, Hammond, Thoma & Terrill, P.C., we have been serving the legal needs of clients throughout northeast Indiana since 1952, and we’re committed to protecting our clients’ rights and freedom.

What Alternatives Exist For Probation Violation?

We know what is at stake for our clients, and we work quickly to resolve the issue in our clients’ favor. In some situations, our legal team may be able to secure alternative sentencing, a work release program, home detention or a sentence that is done within the community.

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Numerous seemingly minor infractions can lead to probation violation. Drug use, a curfew violation, a criminal conviction, failure to attend drug or alcohol counseling, or failure to pay fines can all lead to probation violation charges. Many Indiana judges do not look favorably on individuals who fail to meet the terms of their probation or parole, and without immediate counsel from an experienced lawyer, those individuals may face their original incarceration sentences – or more.

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