The legal consequences for drunk driving can be severe. A professional Fort Wayne DUI attorney from Leonard, Hammond, Thoma & Terrill, P.C. can help to defend anyone charged with OWI/drunk driving throughout northeast Indiana. We have an in-depth understanding of drunk driving law, police procedure and the limitations of the scientific testing prosecutors rely upon for conviction. In fact, one of our criminal defense lawyers is certified in standardized field sobriety testing – the same course that members of the police department take. We leverage this expertise when determining the validity and legality of the evidence against our clients.

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You probably know that operating a vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol can result in fines, driver’s license suspension and incarceration – even for a first offense. If and when your driving privileges are restored, your insurance rates will be extremely high. Penalties for a second, third and every subsequent OWI conviction will become progressively worse.

But do not assume that there is nothing a lawyer can do to help you. Just because you blew .08 or over does not make you guilty as charged. Let an OWI attorney explore all options for defending your case.

For example:

  • Did the officer have probable cause for stopping your vehicle?
  • Was the arrest based on the results of unreliable field sobriety tests?
  • Was the officer properly trained in field sobriety testing?
  • Was the breath testing unit properly calibrated and in good working order?
  • If a blood sample was tested, were the technicians properly trained and was the evidence handled and documented correctly?

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